Children's hour at AMBER SPA until 14:00


Dear guests!

From June 1, 2021, the updated rules for visiting the spa with children come into force!

Please consider them when planning your holiday:

  1. Children on the territory of AMBER SPA can only be subject to the generally established rules - it is forbidden to run and dive from the sides in the wet area. It is necessary to maintain silence and not disturb the atmosphere of tranquility.
  2. There is a “Children's Hour” on the territory of AMBER SPA (children under the age of 10 can stay in the SPA until 14:00).
  3. Minors can only stay in the AMBER SPA when accompanied by an adult, and be under the constant supervision of an accompanying person.
  4. A visit to the wet area of ​​AMBER SPA is possible only with a bathing suit and slippers with rubber soles.
  5. When visiting the spa with children under 3 years of age, a special swimming diaper must be used (also available from the spa administrator).
  6. Spa treatments, cosmetology and manicure services are not provided to minors.

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