Prices in the SPA center «AMBER SPA»

Thermal and aqua complex

Entrance ticket (from 14 years old)
Weekdays2500 RUB
Weekends and holidays3000 RUB

Subscriptions for relax-space **
10 visits18000 RUB
15 visits26000 RUB
20 visits33000 RUB

** The subscription is valid for 60 days from the date of purchase (visit is available on any day of the week, except for holidays and vacations, approved by the corresponding order)

Fitness studio

Club card FITNESS AMBER SPA (30 days, number of workouts unlimited)3600 RUB


1 minute17 rub.
Pass for 50 min770 rub.
Pass for 100 min1450 rub.

Exotiс hydrotherapy

Supplement to any spa care

Aroma bath lymphatic drainage20 min.1200 rub.
Aroma bath «Calmness»20 min.1200 rub.

Local SPA

These SPA treatments are unique - exclusive to AMBER SPA

Amber massage60 min.4500 RUB
Amber spa care90 min.6500 RUB
Amber peeling *20 min.2000 RUB
Amber bath *20 min.1200 RUB
Amber body wrap *20 min.2000 RUB
Amber face mask *20 min.1500 RUB

* This service can only be used as an addition to services from main spa menu (massage, amber peeling, amber spa care).

Sweet SPA

SPA rituals from STENDERS
Paradise Island90 min.6000 rub.
Chocolate magic90 min.6000 rub.

Classic massages

Classic Massage60 min.3100 RUB
Chiromassage60 min.3100 RUB
Relaxing massage60 min.3300 RUB
Stone massage60 min.3500 RUB
Sports Massage60 min.3500 RUB
Modeling Massage30 min.2200 RUB

Balinese Massages

Traditional or STRONG massage60 minutes3300 RUB
90 minutes4300 RUB
120 minutes5200 RUB
Balinese back massage30 minutes2200 RUB
60 minutes3000 RUB
Foot massage45 minutes2200 RUB
SPA care "Balinese legend"120 minutes5600 RUB

Ayurveda SPA

Udwarthanam40 min.3500 rub.
Ayurvedic wrapping40 min.3500 rub.
Abhyanga70 min.4200 rub.
Kerala80 min.6350 rub.
Churna Pinda Sweda80 min.6000 rub.
Ayurvedic rejuvenation90 min.6300 rub.
Shirodhara80 min.7000 rub.

At AMBER SPA, all Ayurvedic treatments are performed in a gentle spa way

Body care (SPA rituals from COMFORT ZONE)

Body shaping / cellulite, lipolysis - drainage - activation of microcirculation - body contouring
Intensive cellulite therapy90 min.6000 RUB
Smart correction drainage45 min.3400 RUB
Smart lipolysis correction45 min.3400 RUB

SPA ritual aromatherapy time for yourself - combating stress - sleep therapy
Calmness90 min.6000 RUB
Royal spa ritual "tranquility" for face and body120 min.6900 RUB

SPA therapy - thermal spa in the spa detoxification - wellness - rejuvenation
Thermal detoxification bagney di pisa90 min.6000 RUB
Thermal wellness grotta giusti90 min.6000 RUB
Rejuvenation and firmness90 min.6000 RUB

Mask massage fast result without wrapping - saving your time
Detox massage60 min.4650 RUB
Firming drainage massage60 min.4650 RUB
Active fitness60 min.4650 RUB

Scrubbing massage scrubbing massages: a combination of different techniques and textures for new sensations and results
Unity of soul and body60 min.4300 RUB

Anti-aging scrubbing in the hamam40 min.3700 RUB

Pregnancy and motherhood

SPA programs from COMFORT ZONE
Rejuvenation and firmness60 minutes + 1 hour aqua complex4500 RUB
Thermal Wellness Grotta Giusti60 minutes + 1 hour aqua complex4500 RUB
Sacred nature60 minutes + 1 hour aqua complex4500 RUB

Ayurvedic SPA programs
Ayurveda for expectant mothers80 minutes + aqua complex without restrictions6000 RUB
Rassayana (postpartum recovery)120 minutes + aqua complex without restrictions9800 RUB

Yoga therapy, seminars, practical exercises for pregnant women
Women's yoga therapy2 hours practice + 1 hour aqua complex4000 RUBStaselovich
Seminar "Postpartum recovery"3 hours practice and theory + 1 hour aqua complex2000 RUBStaselovich
Individual lesson "Postpartum recovery" / "Yoga for every day."3 hours personal practice and recommendations + 1 hour aqua complex5000 RUB / 7000 RUBStaselovich

Face care

SPA rituals from COMFORT ZONE
Deep cleansing60 minutes4800 RUB
Deep hydration60 minutes4800 RUB
Soothing protection60 minutes4800 RUB
Recovery and antioxidant protection60 minutes4800 RUB

Effective basic care - targeting skin condition - all skin types and ages

ANTI-AGE treatments
ARCHI LIFT double upgrade60 minutes4800 RUB
Active lifting ARCHI LIFT60 minutes6900 RUB
Active lifting Deluxe ARCHI LIFT80 minutes7500 RUB

Correction of age-related changes - lasting aesthetic result

Progressive cosmeceuticals
Urban Longevity ™ / skin regimen /60 minutes4800 RUB
Urban detox / skin regimen / Black mask60 minutes4800 RUB

Rejuvenation and prevention of aging SKIN REGIMEN

Sacred Nature Antioxidant Regenerating Organic Daily Care Line
Radiance Sacred Nature60 minutes4500 RUB
Elasticity Sacred Nature60 minutes4500 RUB
Express moisturizing Sacred Nature30 minutes2700 RUB

Designer cares
Active cleansing30 min.2000 RUB
Soothing protection30 min.3000 RUB

Possible only as a combination with face massage, hardware techniques, addition to body treatments

Facial massages with masks
Massage rejuvenation and eco-nutrition60 minutes3900 RUB
Massage recovery and nutrition60 minutes3900 RUB

Aesthetic services

Aesthetic spa services
Facial massage (course or addition to the constructor)30 min.1550 rub.
3D modeling massage45 min.2950 rub.
Ultrasound face peeling (only in an addition to spa care)40 min.800 rub.
Mechanical face peeling (only in an addition to spa care)40 min.1200 rub.
Facial peeling (course or addition to the constructor)40 min.2000 rub.
Eyebrow shaping40 min.650 rub.
Eyebrow tinting30 min.350 rub.
Eyelash tinting30 min.350 rub.

Eyebrow shaping includes shape correction and tinting of the eyebrows.

Depilation with wax
Armpits550 rub.
Bikini line1600 rub.
Full bikini2500 rub.
Hands1000 rub.
Legs1700 rub.
Belly1000 rub.
Face (locally)400 rub.

Hardware cosmetology

VELA SHAPE body shaping
15 min.1000 rub.
30 min.1750 rub.
45 min.2600 rub.

Elos rejuvenation
Face rejuvenation3300 rub.
Neck rejuvenation2500 rub.
Rejuvenation of the decollete zone3300 rub.
Hands rejuvenation2000 rub.
Eye zone rejuvenation2000 rub.
Acne/pigmentation therapy (locally)500 rub.
Vascular face therapy3300 rub.
Vascular therapy locally2000 rub.

Non-injection biorevitalization "perfect skin Elos"
Face30 min.4500 RUB
Face + neck45 min.6500 RUB
Face + neck + cleavage60 min.9800 RUB

Elos epilation
Armpits1500 rub.
Bikini line1700 rub.
Full bikini3500 rub.
Hands3500 rub.
Legs4800 rub.
Legs (locally)2500 rub.
Hands (locally)2000 rub.
Face (locally)800 rub.

Hands and feet care

Hand care
Women's manicure900 rub.
Men's manicure1200 rub.
Paraffin bath for hands450 rub.
Hand massage (15 min.)300 rub.
Hand peeling300 rub.

Feet care
Women's pedicure1900 rub.
Men's pedicure2000 rub.
Paraffin bath for feet450 rub.
Foot massage (15 min.)500 rub.
Foot peeling400 rub.

Additional services
Nail polishing / removal500 rub. / 150 rub.
Treatment nail polishing400 rub.
Gel cover / removal1000 rub. / 600 rub.
Extra care400 rub.
Nail design (1 nail)100 rub.

SPA treatments for couples

The Lovers Island120 min.15000 RUB
Paradise for two120 min.13000 RUB
Love story90 min.12000 RUB

Yoga therapy

Women's Yoga. Group lessonMon / Wed 18:30 Tue / Thu 11:3090 min practice + 60 min relax-space1500 rub.Abramovich
Women's Yoga. An individual lessonindividually agreed with the trainer120 min practice + consultation + 60 minutes relax-space4000 rub.Abramovich