Aesthetic services

Aesthetic spa services
Facial massage (course or addition to the constructor)30 min.1550 rub.
3D modeling massage45 min.2950 rub.
Ultrasound face peeling (only in an addition to spa care)40 min.800 rub.
Mechanical face peeling (only in an addition to spa care)40 min.1200 rub.
Facial peeling (course or addition to the constructor)40 min.2000 rub.
Eyebrow shaping40 min.650 rub.
Eyebrow tinting30 min.350 rub.
Eyelash tinting30 min.350 rub.

Eyebrow shaping includes shape correction and tinting of the eyebrows.

Modeling facial massage — revitalizing massage with myostimulation and drainage elements. Unique massage techniques help to achieve a stunning lifting effect.

Chemical face peel — chemical peeling is a great way to achieve a wonderful effect. It could be done several times a year and is successfully used to eliminate the effects of acne and hyperpigmentation, to fight against photoaging and surface wrinkles. After the procedure the skin color improves, various skin imperfections are smoothed out, regenerative processes of the skin are enhanced.

Depilation with wax
Armpits550 rub.
Bikini line1600 rub.
Full bikini2500 rub.
Hands1000 rub.
Legs1700 rub.
Belly1000 rub.
Face (locally)400 rub.