Ayurveda SPA

«Ayurveda» in Indian philosophy is interpreted as «the doctrine of life», «the doctrine of the right way of life». Ayurvedic massage works with body energy, harmonizing it and leading all the organism systems to balance.

Udwarthanam40 min.3500 rub.
Ayurvedic wrapping40 min.3500 rub.
Abhyanga70 min.4200 rub.
Kerala80 min.6350 rub.
Churna Pinda Sweda80 min.6000 rub.
Ayurvedic rejuvenation90 min.6300 rub.
Shirodhara80 min.7000 rub.

At AMBER SPA, all Ayurvedic treatments are performed in a gentle spa way

Udwarthanam — intensive deep body massage with herbal powders. This massage has a revitalizing effect, improves blood circulation and makes your skin soft and silky.

Ayurvedic wrapping — relieves swelling, tension, joint pain, enriches the skin with protein and plant-based proteins. Skin becomes softer due to oils usage.

Abhyanga — a traditional Ayurvedic massage. Word «Abhyanga» means «proper application of oil throughout the body». Improves the microcirculation of blood, restores all vital body functions: digestion, respiration, strengthens the immune system, provides deep sleep, improves the skin condition.

Kerala — a spa treatment that combines traditional Ayurvedic massage and deep cleansing of the body with herbal powders.

Churna Pinda Sweda — an authentic Indian massage with the usage of herbal bags warmed in special oil. This spa therapy relieves pain and tension, relaxes muscle spasmes, improves blood circulation. During massage the sweating level is rising, which helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

Ayurvedic rejuvenation — a spa treatment that combines deep peeling and wrapping with special varieties of Indian rice supplemented by body massage.