Balinese Massages

Traditional or STRONG massage60 minutes3500 RUB
90 minutes4500 RUB
120 minutes5500 RUB
Balinese back massage30 minutes2500 RUB
60 minutes3200 RUB
Foot massage45 minutes2500 RUB
SPA care "Balinese legend"120 minutes6000 RUB

Balinese massage is the most popular of Asian massage techniques. The peculiarity of Balinese massage lies in the deep point effect on the muscles. At AMBER SPA, Balinese massages are performed by the inhabitants of this beautiful island paradise.

Traditional massage uses different techniques: kneading and pressing are alternated with acupressure and muscle stretching.

The strong massage uses both the traditional Balinese technique of pressing with thumbs, palms and elbows, as well as working out all the energy points of the body.

Balinese Back Massage - a strong, deep and at the same time relaxing massage with an emphasis on the back, shoulders and neck, increases blood circulation, relieves emotional and physical stress.

Foot massage - an ancient Asian therapy that stimulates the reflex points of the feet, improves blood circulation and improves the health of all organs.

Balinese legend (ritual) - a body treatment that combines traditional Balinese massage and body peeling.