Classic massages

Classic Massage60 min.3300 RUB
Chiromassage60 min.3300 RUB
Relaxing massage60 min.3500 RUB
Stone massage60 min.4000 RUB
Sports Massage60 min.4000 RUB
Modeling Massage30 min.2500 RUB

Classic Massage — the main type of massage in the classic technique, using all generally accepted practices: stroking, muscle rubbing, kneading, vibration etc. Classical massage helps to recover the strength of tired muscles, increase their functionality.

Relaxing massage — combines relaxing and lymphatic drainage techniques that not only give a relaxation and pacification feelings, but also save from swelling and fatigue, help to reduce the heaviness in your legs and clarify the mind. This is a «from head to toe» massage, which will help you plunge into the atmosphere of the East, and the wonderful «Tranquility» fragrance will fill you with positive emotions.

Chiromassage is a successful combination of oriental and classical massage traditions. It doesn’t have a certain technique because of such styles mixture, specialists determine the set of necessary techniques in each individual case.

Sports Massage — is used to improve the functional body status for active sport lovers. Takes off exhaustion, increases physical strength, promotes accelerated elimination of lactic acid from the muscle tissue. It’s a power massage, which is mainly intended at working on the muscles.

Stone massage is performed with the usage of special stones. It improves blood circulation, promotes oxygen saturation of the tissues, stimulates the elimination of excess fluid and toxins. Also this massage relieves muscle pain, restores the skin tone and elasticity.

Modeling Massage is a body massage where thу special attention is given to areas of buttocks, thighs, abdomen, sides and back shoulder surface. This mix of classic and modern massage techniques gives a wonderful aesthetic result — body correction, correction of skin texture and firmness.