Exotiс hydrotherapy

Supplement to any spa care

Aroma bath lymphatic drainage20 min.1200 rub.
Aroma bath «Calmness»20 min.1200 rub.
Hydromassage in the aroma bath35 min. *1800 rub.

* The master works with the guest for 20 minutes. + 15 min. relaxation in the bath

Aromabath lymphatic drainage — a hydromassage bath with a mixture of essential oils that eliminates excessive liquid and toxins from the body.

Aroma bath «Calmness» — relaxing aroma bath with an exclusive blend of Tranquility essential oils.

Hydromassage in the aroma bath — hydromassage is done by a specialist, has an anti-cellulite effect, breaks the extra subcutaneous fat. Provides a detoxification and relieves swelling.