Face care

SPA rituals from COMFORT ZONE
Deep cleansing60 minutes4800 RUB
Deep hydration60 minutes4800 RUB
Soothing protection60 minutes4800 RUB
Recovery and antioxidant protection60 minutes4800 RUB

Effective basic care - targeting skin condition - all skin types and ages

Deep cleansing - atraumatic cleansing and detoxification with an algae mask: skin renewal and restoration - mineralization - mattifying - tone evening.

Deep hydration - Non-injection biorevitalization: instant restoration of water balance and activation of the production of its own hyaluronic acid.

Soothing protection - an absolute innovation: naturally derived prebiotics, organic marula oil and herbal extracts. SOS-therapy for hypersensitive skin: reduction of redness - renewal - restoration of the epidermal barrier.

Restoration and Antioxidant Protection - Antioxidant protection of goji berries and a blend of luxurious oils: restoration - improvement of oxygenation of skin tissues - healthy glow - protection from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Sacred nature for the face. The facial treatment is based on a nourishing organic mask. Intensively nourishes the skin and restores its barrier properties, effectively protects the DNA of skin cells from UV damage, and also has a powerful antioxidant effect. 100% natural valuable active ingredients.

Recovery - herbal medicine - protection from aggressive environmental influences.

ANTI-AGE treatments
ARCHI LIFT double upgrade60 minutes4800 RUB
Active lifting ARCHI LIFT60 minutes6900 RUB
Active lifting Deluxe ARCHI LIFT80 minutes7500 RUB

Correction of age-related changes - lasting aesthetic result

Double renewal ARCHI LIFT - a combination of peeling system, peptide complexes and the exclusive ARCHI-LIFT ™ technology to correct structural aging of the skin.

ARCHI LIFT active lifting is a synergy of peptide complexes and exclusive ARCHI-LIFT ™ technology for correcting structural aging of the skin. An innovative two-phase plasticizing mask and an exclusive lifting massage [comfort zone] ACTIVE LIFT. Botox-like effect.

Active lifting Deluxe ARCHI LIFT - complex of acids, modular peeling, innovative peptide plasticizing mask, lifting massage [comfort zone] ACTIVE LIFT and blepharo-lifting massage - for multilevel correction of age-related skin changes.

Progressive cosmeceuticals
Urban Longevity ™ / skin regimen /60 minutes4800 RUB
Urban detox / skin regimen / Black mask60 minutes4800 RUB

Rejuvenation and prevention of aging SKIN REGIMEN

Urban longevity ™ / skin regimen / - a professional procedure for rejuvenation and prevention of aging - reboot and cellular renewal, rejuvenation and firming of the skin at risk of premature and accelerated aging, neutralizing the effects of stress.

30 minutes of exclusive rejuvenating lifting massage based on MYOFASCIAL TECHNIQUES and Qigong elements.

Urban detox / skin regimen / Black mask - a professional procedure based on a black detox peel-off mask with chlorella - deep detoxification of the skin from impurities, smog particles and heavy metals, reducing imperfections. Balance the hydrolipidic barrier, healthy and glowing dull / gray skin, neutralize the effects of stress.

30 minutes of exclusive anti-aging lifting massage based on myofascial techniques and Qigong elements

Sacred Nature Antioxidant Regenerating Organic Daily Care Line
Radiance Sacred Nature60 minutes4500 RUB
Elasticity Sacred Nature60 minutes4500 RUB
Express moisturizing Sacred Nature30 minutes2700 RUB

Radiance Sacred Nature

A revitalizing cleansing treatment for a radiant, hydrated and youthful complexion. Recommended for skin with reduced tone. Includes introductory massage, make-up removal, cleansing, toning, mask, final care.

Elasticity Sacred Nature

Revitalizing lifting treatment for skin elasticity and youthfulness. Includes introductory massage, make-up removal, cleansing, toning, mask, final care.

Express moisturizing Sacred Nature

Revitalizing lifting treatment for express hydration and maintenance of youthful skin. Includes make-up removal, cleansing, toning, mask, final care.

Designer cares
Active cleansing30 min.2000 RUB
Soothing protection30 min.3000 RUB

Possible only as a combination with face massage, hardware techniques, addition to body treatments

Active cleansing - cleansing and restoring skin balance treatment with a mask based on two types of clay

Soothing protection - SOS therapy for hypersensitive skin: reduce redness - renew - restore the epidermal barrier. Recommended after medical peels.

Facial massages with masks
Massage rejuvenation and eco-nutrition60 minutes3900 RUB
Massage recovery and nutrition60 minutes3900 RUB