Hardware cosmetology

VELA SHAPE body shaping
15 min.1000 RUB
30 min.2000 RUB
45 min.2800 RUB

Vela Shape — soft vacuum-roller massage improves the blood circulation, enhances lymphatic drainage. Infrared waves warm up the skin surface to the required temperature, and high-frequency currents conduct heat to the deeper layers of the skin, which enhances oxygen blood saturation. The metabolic fat fragmentation is activated and fat cells are reduced. After the course of VELA SHAPE procedures cellulite disappears and skin structure improves.

Elos rejuvenation
Face rejuvenation3500 RUB
Neck rejuvenation2500 RUB
Rejuvenation of the decollete zone3500 RUB
Hands rejuvenation2100 RUB
Eye zone rejuvenation2100 RUB
Acne/pigmentation therapy (locally)550 RUB
Vascular face therapy3500 RUB
Vascular therapy locally2100 RUB

In the modern cosmetology industry, innovative Elos-technologies are considered as some of the most effective in solving issues of complex rejuvenation. They allow you to smooth deep wrinkles, tight the skin and adjust the oval faces with non-invasive (non-surgical) methods, rejuvenate the face, neck, chest and other parts of the body skin.

Non-injection biorevitalization "perfect skin Elos"
Face30 min.4500 RUB
Neck15 min.3000 RUB
Face + neck45 min.6500 RUB
Face + neck + cleavage60 min.9800 RUB

Elos epilation
Armpits1800 RUB
Bikini line1800 RUB
Full bikini3800 RUB
Hands3800 RUB
Legs5000 RUB
Legs (locally)2800 RUB
Hands (locally)2000 RUB
Face (locally)1000 RUB

From all the existing methods of hardware unwanted hair removal, Elos epilation is the most efficient and safe. Thanks to the simultaneous combining of several energy types (high-frequency current and light) this technology most accurately affects the hair follicles, destroying their internal structure and completely stopping their growth. To get a sustainable result you need to take a course of procedures.