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SPA - SANUS PER AQUAM AMBER (new look at the abbreviation SPA - health through amber)

The special value of amber lies in its acidity. Succinic acid accurately identifies unhealthy cells, penetrates them and regenerates. It is proved that the effect of amber and succinic acid improves blood circulation, stimulates metabolic processes in tissues, oxygen exchange and tissue respiration, activates immune processes and evens out energy processes in the human body.

These SPA treatments are unique - exclusive to AMBER SPA

Amber massage60 min.5000 RUB
Amber spa care90 min.7000 RUB
Amber peeling *20 min.2500 RUB
Amber bath *20 min.1500 RUB
Amber body wrap *20 min.2500 RUB
Amber face mask *20 min.2000 RUB

* This service can only be used as an addition to services from main spa menu (massage, amber peeling, amber spa care).

Amber massage — is performed with the usage of amber oil. The main feature of amber massage is a quick and deep relaxation. Such effect is explained by electromagnetic waves fluctuations that are typical to the natural Baltic amber: in contact with the skin, negative ions are released and as a result, energy exchange is activated, emotional and physical stress reduces and blood circulation intensifies.

Amber spa care — fill your body and thoughts with warmth and lightness. Amazingly enjoyable body peeling procedure with amber will cleanse your skin and return it energy, give it freshness and healthy look. Amber Nourishing Body Mask provides a comprehensive nourishing effect and increases skin elasticity. Final Amber spa treatment includes relaxing body massage with amber bags. This amber touch will take you back to summer so you could hear the waves of the Baltic Sea and feel the warm energy of amber.

Amber peeling — removal of extra skin cells with the usage of chopped amber. Shredded amber possesses very strong natural bacteriostatic effect, promotes the restoration of skin elasticity and skin color improvement. 

Amber bath — Amber bath is based on large crystals sea ​​salt, Baltic amber powder and essential oils would immerse you in a fully relaxed atmosphere.

Amber body wrap — 100% natural composition based on shea butter and natural amber powder, envelops the body in gentle warmth. Muscles relax, tension and stress go away. The amber wrap has a detoxifying, toning, softening and regenerating effect.

It will give your body a luxurious care combined with the unique healing properties of natural Baltic amber.

Amber face mask — The mask contains shea butter and carefully crushed amber powder. It contains up to 8% succinic acid - one of the most important components of cellular respiration, which is involved in the metabolism and energy supply of tissues. Succinic acid and its derivatives have a noticeable anti-aging effect on skin cells. Small amber crumbs gently scrub, revealing all the useful properties of amber