Pregnancy and motherhood

Ease - support for health, relaxation and beauty for pregnant women and during the recovery period after childbirth.

For optimal preparation for and recovery after childbirth, we have developed programs that will help you to relax, cope with difficulties that arise during pregnancy and after, and will give you a state of happiness and absolute harmony, which will certainly be passed on to your baby.

SPA programs from COMFORT ZONE
Rejuvenation and firmness60 minutes5000 RUB

Rejuvenation and firmness:
Skin tightening and nourishment - increased hydration - reduction of existing stretch marks - regeneration and antioxidant protection.

Ayurvedic SPA programs
Ayurveda for expectant mothers80 minutes + aqua complex without restrictions6300 RUB
Rassayana (postpartum recovery)120 minutes + aqua complex without restrictions10000 RUB

Ayurveda for expectant mothers
Relaxing, warming, nourishing treatment with lots of herbs and oils for women. Includes full body, face and head massage. A special massage technique is suitable especially for pregnant women and prepares expectant mothers for childbirth.

Rassayana (postpartum recovery)
This treatment will allow the young mother to free the body from fatigue, restore mental balance, composure and vitality. Rassayana SPA treatment includes a gentle oil massage of the body, face and head with warm herbal bags with specially selected female herbs, which smoothly flows into a massage with Himalayan herbs and completes the treatment with a herbal nourishing mask.

Yoga therapy, seminars, practical exercises for pregnant women
Women's yoga therapy2 hours practice + 1 hour aqua complex4000 RUBStaselovich
Seminar "Postpartum recovery"3 hours practice and theory + 1 hour aqua complex2000 RUBStaselovich
Individual lesson "Postpartum recovery" / "Yoga for every day."3 hours personal practice and recommendations + 1 hour aqua complex5500 RUB / 7500 RUBStaselovich

Women's yoga therapy:
Restorative practice for women's health in small groups. Rehabilitation of the body after childbirth (prolapse of internal organs, incontinence), maintenance of reproductive health and hormonal balance at any age, including during menopause.

Yoga for every day:
Adaptive practice in small groups with elements of yoga therapy: sukshma-vyayama (gentle exercises), pranayama (breathing), meditation (calming the mind).

Seminar "Postpartum recovery" for expectant mothers and women giving birth:
You will master the available practices for self-maintenance, even if your childbirth was long ago. You will learn how to restore the normal tone of the pelvic floor muscles, relieve intra-abdominal pressure, facilitate the return of internal organs to their place, eliminate their prolapse and urinary incontinence, restore posture, close diastasis.


Natalia Staselovich - specialist in postpartum recovery, postpartum recovery, Ayurvedic massage. Leads aqua and yoga therapy groups for pregnant women and women's health. Mom of three children.