Sweet SPA

SPA rituals from STENDERS
Paradise Island90 min.6000 rub.
Chocolate magic90 min.6000 rub.

STENDERS is a European brand of natural cosmetics. Unique texture and enchanting aromas, contains natural ingredients and innovative formulations.

Paradise Island

This spa treatment is created for those who miss the delicate white sand, warm waves and aromas of citrus and coconut. Grapefruit Energizing Body Scrub * with Salt Crystals will awaken you from the monotony of daily city life. Natural coconut peeling *, like a gentle sea wave, gently cleanses your skin. The delicate texture of warm chocolate and its tart strong aroma turn the wrap into bliss.

An unforgettable end to the procedure. will become a relaxing body massage. The Paradise Island SPA procedure will help you to relax and find yourself on a tropical island without leaving the city.

* You have the opportunity to choose the most suitable peeling for you

Chocolate magic

This invigorating chocolate body peel with sugar crystals will cleanse you of city dullness. Feel the invigorating coffee particles massaging your skin, restoring its elasticity. Precious natural oils instantly soften the skin, leaving it velvety soft. A duet of aromas of coffee and cocoa will fill you with energy for a busy day.

The delicate texture of warm chocolate and its tart, strong aroma turn skin care into bliss.

Cleansing and moisturizing mango120 min.6700 rub.

KEYANO AROMATICS is an American brand of natural cosmetics. The products are created on the basis of grape seed oil from the grapes of Keyano Aromatics' own plantations (on the green slopes of the southwestern United States, on the outskirts of New York State, in a picturesque valley, there are varietal Muscat vineyards Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Mignet).

Cleansing and moisturizing mango

Lacking summer sun, warmth and aromatic smells? Experience real pleasure, relax mentally and be filled with new strength.

The refreshing and nourishing body spa program combines an enveloping bath with a delicate aroma, effective cleansing, a rejuvenating and moisturizing body wrap and massage. The program will allow you to enjoy the sensual touch of tropical fruits and the invigorating atmosphere of sunny days. It will perfectly moisturize, tone up, and improve the relief and structure of the skin. Natural extract of tropical fruits will enhance the beauty of your skin, increase blood circulation, provide unsurpassed softness and a magnificent delicate aroma of fresh mango. Mango contains a powerful antioxidant lycopene, which protects cells from the damaging effects of free radicals, fruit acids regenerate the skin, oils nourish and soften it, making it smooth.