These Rules for visiting the aqua complex of KAISERHOF LLC are mandatory for all visitors (hereinafter - "guests") when visiting the AMBER SPA.

  1. Only persons over the age of 14 can be visitors to the AMBER SPA aqua complex.

Visitors between the ages of 14 and 18 can visit the AMBER SPA only when accompanied by an adult (who has reached the age of 18), who assumes responsibility for complying with all the rules set forth and for the safe stay of the minor whom he accompanies.

The spa administrator may ask the visitor to present an identity document to identify the visitor's age.

2. Swimming in the pool is possible only in bathing suits: swimming trunks, swimming trunks-shorts, swimwear (for women) and rubber slippers (flip-flops, crocs). Long hair should be tied up in a bun or with a swimming cap.

3. For safety reasons, it is prohibited in the aqua complex:

3.1. Run, jump, push, jump off the side, make unnecessary noise, give false signals for help.

3.2. Dive and dive under water while holding your breath.

3.3. Create an obstacle on the water for other guests and spa staff.

3.4. Go into water with chewing gum.

3.5. Jump from the side of the pool, play in the water, perform other actions that may interfere or pose a threat to the life and health of the guest himself, other guests and employees of the spa center.

3.6. To visit the aqua complex without bathing clothes and / or special shoes provided for by these Rules.

3.7. Visit the aqua complex with long flowing hair.

3.8. Visit the aqua complex with open wounds and other damage to the skin.

3.9. To visit the aqua complex for persons with obvious signs of a health disorder, persons showing inappropriate behavior, as well as persons in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication.

3.10. It is forbidden to bring to the territory of the aqua complex:

- animals, birds, reptiles and insects;

- all types: weapons, explosive, flammable, poisonous, radioactive and toxic substances, personal protective equipment (gas canisters, stun guns, etc.);

- audio equipment and other sources of loud noise;

- piercing and cutting objects, glass objects and other fragile objects that give fragments;

- alcohol and drugs;

- medicines and medicines;

- drinks and food

4. The following persons are not recommended to visit the AMBER SPA aqua complex:

- pregnant women in late pregnancy;

- persons with pacemakers and heart disease;

- persons with increased skin sensitivity to chlorinated water;

- having contraindications to swimming pools for health reasons;

- with other diseases that can be exacerbated during prolonged exposure to water.

5. KAISERHOF LLC is not responsible for the loss / damage / destruction of guests' property left unattended.

It is recommended that valuables be deposited in the safe with the spa administrator.

6. After using the lockers, the keys must be returned to the spa administrator.

7. When visiting the aqua complex, guests are obliged to observe the rules of general and personal hygiene, including keeping the body clean and taking a shower before visiting the aqua complex.

8. Water temperature, chlorine content, pH level in the pool bowl and jacuzzi bowl are maintained within the established sanitary and epidemiological standards and cannot be changed at the request of guests.

9. It is forbidden to touch, turn on, turn off and adjust any engineering equipment.

10. Peculiarities of using Aquacompelex by minors (children):

11.1. The use of the territory of the aqua complex by minors is allowed only when accompanied by parents or other persons who are legal representatives of minors, who are obliged to continuously monitor the behavior of minors on the territory of the aqua complex AMBER SPA.

11.2. Responsibility for the safety and security of the health and life of minors on the territory of the aqua complex is borne exclusively by the adults accompanying them.

11.3. Sanitary treatment and maintenance of premises and equipment of the aqua complex is carried out monthly in accordance with the established schedule.

In order to avoid injuries and threats to the life and health of people, the spa center employee may remove from the aqua complex zone visitors who do not comply with the rules for visiting the aqua complex.

Dear visitors, we ask you to follow these Rules, and your emotions from the rest will only be positive!