Fitness studio rules

AMBER SPA fitness studio is open daily:

  • For Hotel Guests from 07:00 to 22:00
  • For city visitors from 10:00 to 22:00

To avoid injuries we strongly recommend you to read the following rules before visiting the fitness studio. For your safety while working with sport equipment and with free weights (the document is placed in the Consumer Folder at the Spa reception desk) follow the rules below:

  • Guests must independently control their own health. In case of having any acute and/or skin diseases or chronic diseases, you should refrain from visiting the fitness studio.
  • Please start training in a fitness studio only in a sports uniform: clothing should be suitable to the temperature in the fitness studio, be free and not restrain movements, shoes should be of a suitable size, having a tight sole and good lacing, there should be no extra objects in your pockets.
  • It is not allowed to exercise in a fitness studio being shirtless.
  • No candies or chewing gum in the mouth during the exercises.
  • It is not allowed to move the fitness equipment and to throw it on the floor
  • Please respect the rules of hygiene and use a towel when working with the sport equipment
  • In order to avoid injuries, children under 14 years are allowed to visit the fitness studio and use the equipment only accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Please put the sports equipment into the initial location after finishing your exercises
  • We ask you to respect the public policy and generally accepted norms of behavior, be kind to other guests and employees of the spa center, do not allow actions that create danger situation for other people. It is not acceptable to disturb other SPA Guests and use obscene expressions in your speech.
  • It is not allowed to smoke (including electronic cigarettes and hookahs) and to be in a state of alcoholic or other type of intoxication, to bring and to drink alcohol.
  • Photo and video shooting in the fitness studio is permitted only with advanced agreement with the LLC KAISERHOF management.

Thank you for respecting the rules!