These Rules for visiting the fitness studio of KAISERHOF LLC are mandatory for all visitors (hereinafter - "guests") when visiting the AMBER SPA.

  1. Visitors to the AMBER SPA fitness studio can only be persons who have reached the age of 14.

Visitors between the ages of 14 and 18 can visit the AMBER SPA only when accompanied by an adult (who has reached the age of 18), who assumes responsibility for complying with all the rules set forth and for the safe stay of the minor whom he accompanies.

The spa administrator may ask the visitor to present an identity document to identify the visitor's age.

2. Dress code for visiting the fitness studio:

2.1. It is strictly prohibited to wear outerwear and outdoor shoes in the fitness studio.

2.2 For training in the fitness studio, you must have sportswear.

2.3 It is forbidden to be in the fitness studio with a naked torso or in a bathing suit.

2.4 It is also necessary to have designated shoes (replacement shoes) for training in the fitness studio. For your safety, do not train without athletic shoes. It is not allowed to be in the halls in shoes that can harm the property of the fitness studio.

3. The visitor is obliged to be attentive to the state of his health and to immediately notify the staff of the AMBER SPA about any cases of deterioration of health that occurred during the visitor's stay in the fitness studio, as well as about any restrictions on physical education and sports. The visitor is personally responsible for the state of his health. Before starting classes, visitors are advised to independently consult with a therapist and / or other doctor about their state of health and find out possible restrictions and / or recommendations for sports.

4. It is forbidden to visit the fitness studio for persons exhibiting inappropriate behavior, as well as persons in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication.

5. KAISERHOF LLC is not responsible for the health condition and possible injuries of visitors in the following cases:

- If the visitor violates these Rules.

- If the visitor has not read the instructions for use of the simulator posted on it.

- If the visitor violates the recommendations of the medical opinion.

- For injuries sustained by a visitor outside the territory of the fitness studio.

- For injuries sustained from unlawful actions of third parties.

- For injuries sustained through the fault of the visitor himself on the territory of the fitness studio.

6. Before starting training on the simulators, the visitor must familiarize himself with and strictly follow the instructions of each simulator. KAISERHOF LLC is not responsible if the reason for harm to health was the use of simulators by visitors in violation of the instructions.

7. It is recommended to use the equipment, choose the intensity and duration of training in accordance with the level of readiness of the visitor, which the visitor assesses for himself.

8. In order to maintain personal hygiene, please kindly use towels when exercising on simulators.

9. After the end of the exercise, it is necessary to independently return the sports equipment (barbells, dumbbells, pancakes and other loose equipment and equipment) to the specially designated places.

10. In order to avoid injury when performing exercises with a collapsible barbell, it is necessary to evenly remove and put on the pancakes from both ends of the barbell, to exclude cases of its overturning, and also securely fix the pancakes with locks. The exercises must also be done under the supervision of a trainer.

11. When working on block simulators, the clamps of the weights, seats and rollers must be inserted all the way, checking the reliability of fixation.

12. It is not recommended to come to classes feeling hungry or immediately after eating.

13. Responsibility for the safety and security of the health and life of minors on the territory of the fitness studio is borne exclusively by adults accompanying them.

14. Every month, in accordance with the established schedule, sanitization and maintenance of the premises and equipment of the fitness studio are carried out.

In order to avoid injuries and threats to human life and health, the spa employee may remove visitors from the fitness studio who do not comply with the Visiting Rules.

Dear visitors, we ask you to follow these Rules, and your emotions from the rest will only be positive!