Solarium rules

To get a beautiful tanning shade it is necessary to observe the following rules of tanning in a solarium:

  • Before visiting a solarium, you should consult your doctor: tanning in a solarium is strictly contraindicated for people who take tranquilizers, antidepressants, non-steroidal painkillers and antibiotics. These drugs increase the skin photosensitivity and also can trigger allergies. Also, a solarium is contraindicated for people with a large number of birthmarks or tumors on the skin.
  • Observe the minimum interval between tanning sessions — it must be at least 24 hours. On the day of the tanning session, it is not recommended to be under the natural sunlight.
  • Remove your makeup from the face before tanning, as well as all the moisturizers and other cosmetic products from the body, because they may contain an SPF factor that prevents tan. We also recommend to remove the jewelry.
  • Be sure that you are using professional cosmetics for tanning in the solarium, which are intended to protect the health of your skin, get the tan more quickly, deep and lasting for as long as possible. Professional tanning products are available at the AMBER SPA reception.
  • To protect your chest, use special stickers — stikini (provided free at the reception).
  • We recommend to use special glasses during the session, that will protect your eyes from UV radiation. Contact lenses are also recommended to be removed.
  • For sensitive lip skin use a lip balm with a UV filter.
  • Wear the cotton hat provided at the AMBER SPA reception in order to prevent your hair from drying.
  • Do not combine cosmetology procedures (skin cleansing, peeling, hair removal) with tanning, these procedures increase the sensitivity of the skin and combining could lead burns.

We ask you to follow these rules and your emotions from the visiting our solarium will be only positive!