Dear Guests, for a comfortable attending of AMBER SPA we kindly ask you to observe the following rules:

  • The territory of AMBER SPA is intended for relaxation and during your visit we recommend to put your mobile phone in silent mode
  • It is not allowed to wear outer clothes in AMBER SPA. Please leave your coats in the spa center wardrobe and use the provided shoe covers.
  • We recommend to arrive for pre-booked spa treatments in advance in order to be able to change the clothes in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the thermal and aqua complexes properly.
  • When purchasing a procedure that costs from 2,000 to 5,000 rubles, we provide a visit to the Aqua-thermal complex 1 hour before the start of the procedure. When buying a spa treatment worth 5,000 rubles or more, we give you a visit to the thermal and aqua complex as a gift (no time limit).
  • If for some reason you can’t visit the booked service, please inform us at least 6 hours in advance.
  • If you are being ate, the duration of your treatment may be shortened. Due to the fact that the time for each spa treatment is strictly regulated, prolongation can lead to delays of subsequent reservations.
  • Before receiving spa treatments, the Guest must personally fill out the Individual Guest Card, indicating all the diseases and contraindications, as well as sign an fee-for-service agreement. In case of refusing to fill the card and signing an agreement, the administration has the right to refuse to provide services.
  • In case of detecting signs of skin or other types of diseases, the administration of LLC AMBER SPA has the right to refuse to provide services of the spa center.
  • To visit the thermal and aqua complex, we recommend using rubber slippers, which you can bring with you.
  • The thermal and aqua complex visit is possible only with a bathing suit.
  • For your comfort, individual lockers are equipped with necessary bath accessories, which must be left in specially designed baskets after use.
  • We recommend you to leave all your valuables in a safe located at the SPA reception. The administration of AMBER SPA is not responsible for things left or lost in the pockets of bathrobes or lockers for changing clothes.
  • We recommend to read and respect the rules of visiting a fitness studio, aqua/thermal complexes and the solarium
  • There is a «Children’s Hour» in AMBER SPA: our little guests (children under 10 years) can visit the complexes only until 14:00. Children under 18 years are permitted to visit the Aqua complex only with adults. Adults who are accompanying children under 18 years are committed to respect the rules established by AMBER SPA and are supposed to control their fulfillment by their children.
  • Children under 18 years do not receive spa treatments.
  • To visit the aqua complex, hair must be collected in a bun or use a bathing cap
  • We pay special attention to the fact that lifeguard services are not provided on the territory of the aqua complex
  • It is forbidden to bring any food or drinks with you
  • On the territory of AMBER SPA it is forbidden to use cosmetic products brought with you.
  • The AMBER SPA is non-smoking (including electronic cigarettes and hookahs).
  • At AMBER SPA territory it is forbidden to be in a state of alcoholic and other type of intoxication.
  • Before leaving the spa center, you must return the electronic key to the locker. Locker reservations are not provided.
  • The administration of AMBER SPA has the right to prohibit photo and video shooting in the spa center.
  • The administration of AMBER SPA LLC has the right to apply a pay compensation for the damaged property as a result of unethical behavior in the spa center.
  • The administration of AMBER SPA has the right to change the spa center working hours: to close the spa centre for visits during the sanitization and in cases of emergency.

In order to ensure the security level, LLC AMBER SPA has the right to refuse to provide services to the Guest in following cases:

  • Having clear signs of alcoholic, narcotic, toxic intoxication;
  • Public disturbance, creating life and health endangerment situations for other guests, not respecting the spa center rules
  • In following cases AMBER SPA LLC has the right to refuse the Guest to continue staying in the SPA center with the obligatory compilation of an act on this violation and with the invitation of the competent authorities.

We kindly ask you to follow these rules and get only positive emotions from the visit!