1.1. These Rules for visiting the AMBER SPA (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) are aimed at ensuring a safe and comfortable stay of visitors in the spa. To this end, the Rules establish the rights and obligations of visitors to the AMBER SPA (hereinafter referred to as the spa), determine the mechanism for exercising these rights, and also establish a number of prohibitions and restrictions that do not allow such actions of citizens that may cause harm or inconvenience to visitors to the spa. -center.

1.2. These Rules are posted for review in consumer folders, on information stands on the territory of the spa, as well as in Internet resources associated with the AMBER SPA.

1.3. Visitors to the AMBER SPA can only be persons who have reached the age of 14.

1.4. The staff of the AMBER SPA have the right to ask for an ID to identify the age of the visitor.

1.5. Visitors between the ages of 14 and 18 can visit the AMBER SPA only when accompanied by an adult (who has reached the age of 18), who assumes responsibility for complying with all the rules set forth and for the safe stay of the minor whom he accompanies.

1.6. A visit to the spa center for guests staying at the Kaiserhof is provided on a complimentary basis daily from 07:00 to 14:00 (excluding Sanitary days, according to the approved schedule for the current year).

1.7. Spa treatments are only available to persons who have reached the age of 18.

1.8. If you are late for the procedure you booked, the duration of this procedure can be reduced by the time of your delay.

1.9. Service for spa visitors is carried out on the basis of a Service Agreement, the offer of which is posted at the spa reception desk for review. At the same time, the unconditional confirmation of acceptance of the terms of the offer - acceptance by the visitor is the payment for the services of the spa center.

1.10. The Spa Center operates in accordance with the opening hours, information about which is posted at the entrance to the Spa Center and on the official Internet sites ( and At the same time, the general working hours of the spa center and the working hours of individual zones of the spa center (aqua complex, thermal complex, fitness studio, massage rooms, etc.) may differ and change.

1.11. Spa-center AMBER SPA monthly stops providing services for the period of maintenance and planned sanitization, according to the schedule approved for the current year.


2.1. The visitor has the right:

2.1.1. Visit the spa in accordance with these Rules.

2.1.2. visit the aqua complex, thermal complex, solarium and fitness studio of the spa center only after paying for these services.

2.1.3. inform the Spa Center Administration about any shortcomings in the spa center, poor-quality service and express your wishes for improving its operation.

2.1.4. use in the prescribed manner the individual lockers in the locker room for storing things.

2.1.5 deposit valuables during your stay in the spa in the safe located at the spa administrator.

2.1.6. make payments for services rendered in the manner prescribed by these Rules.


3.1. Visitors are required to comply with the following requirements:

3.1.1 Show an ID to identify your age to the spa employee.

3.1.2. Read these Rules.

3.1.3. Observe public order, behave respectfully towards other visitors, spa staff, and not take actions that may endanger the life and health of others.

3.1.4. Observe the rules for visiting the spa, safety regulations, fire safety, sanitary and hygienic requirements, comply with the requirements of the spa staff.

3.1.5. Monitor the implementation of these Rules for visiting the spa, safety rules, fire safety, sanitary and hygienic requirements, compliance with the requirements of the spa staff by persons under the age of 18, accompanied by the visitor.

3.1.6. Visitors enrolled in a spa treatment are required to fill out an Individual Guest Card with their own hands prior to the procedure.

3.1.7. Inform the Spa Administration about all hazardous situations and objects that may threaten the safety of people in the spa.

3.1.8. Return wardrobe locker keys, used towels and bathrobes upon leaving the spa.

3.1.9. Maintain the total time spent in the spa in accordance with its opening hours.

3.1.10. Observe the following sanitary and hygienic requirements when visiting the aqua and thermal complex:

- donate outerwear to the wardrobe and enter the spa using shoe covers;

- visitors must have with them: a bathing suit, a hat, rubber slates for the wet zone, hygiene items;

- hygiene items must only be in unbreakable containers (plastic, polyethylene, etc.). The use of hygiene items in glass containers is prohibited;

- In the absence of a bathing suit, rubber slates and the ability to remove long hair (to form a bun with an elastic band or hairpin, use a bathing cap), visitors are not allowed to visit the aqua complex and the thermal complex;

- take a thorough shower before visiting the spa for 3-5 minutes;

3.1.11. Visitors to the spa are obliged to treat spa property with care and prevent damage or loss.

3.1.12 Upon leaving the spa, the visitor is required to return the locker key. Locker reservation service is not available.

3.1.13. The spa visitor is required to comply with all spa safety and health requirements of the spa.


4.1. To visit the spa center in the presence of medical contraindications for health reasons, in the presence of skin, infectious diseases, bleeding, in poor health.

4.2. Be in the spa center under the influence of alcohol, drugs or toxic substances.

4.3. Bring firearms and edged weapons, piercing and cutting objects, glass objects, explosive, flammable, poisonous and toxic substances, as well as gas cartridges to the spa.

4.4. Bring and consume food and drinks at the spa.

4.5. Smoking (including e-cigarettes and steam hookahs).

4.6. Throw foreign objects into the pool and spa area.

4.7. Make noise, speak obscenely, behave defiantly.

4.8. Use in the shower located in the thermal zone with detergents, perfumes and other liquids in glass containers.

4.9. Rub cosmetics (creams, ointments, etc.) into the skin before visiting the aqua complex and the thermal complex.

4.10. Perform any cosmetic procedures on your own in the premises of the thermal complex of the spa center (peeling, applying other cosmetics, etc.).

4.10. Walk barefoot in the spa.

4.11. Take photos and videos without the permission of the spa administration.

4.12. Enter service and technical premises.

4.13. Touch, turn on, turn off and adjust any engineering equipment.

4.14. Pour water on the stove in the sauna rooms, and add flavorings.

4.15. Engage in intimate sexual activities in the spa.

4.16. Give false signs of distress.

When establishing prohibitions and recommendations, the Spa Administration proceeds solely from the need to ensure the safety of visitors in the spa.


5.1. The visitor is obliged to independently assess his health status when using any services of the spa center and take into account any health conditions that are contraindications for using the services of the spa center.

5.3. Before the start of the spa procedure, the visitor is obliged to fill out an individual guest card with his own hand.

5.3. Responsibility for any negative consequences, including harm to health, caused as a result of the visitor's inadequate assessment of his state of health and / or due to the fact that the visitor used the services of the spa, despite the existing contraindications for health reasons, lies solely with the visitor.

5.4. Parents and legal representatives or other accompanying adults are responsible for the health and life of children (under the age of 18) on the territory of the SPA center.

5.5. Please note that there is no lifeguard service available in the spa area. We do not recommend that you use the air massage pool bowl for relaxation if you do not have the skills to be in the water.


6.1. Has pronounced signs of infectious, skin and other diseases that prevent access to the spa.

6.2 Having pronounced signs of alcoholic, narcotic, toxic intoxication.

6.3 Violates public order, creates a threat to life, health and interferes with the rest of other visitors, and does not comply with the requirements of these Rules for visiting the spa.

6.4 For the refusal to present an ID to identify the acceptable age for spa services.

6.5. In case of violation of the requirements of these Rules and failure to respond to the justified requirements of the Administration of the spa center, the visitor may be removed from the territory of the spa center by security personnel or a representative of the Administration of the spa center without compensation for the cost of services paid by him.


In addition to the general rules for visiting the spa center, the visitor must comply with the Rules for visiting the fitness studio AMBER SPA


In addition to the general rules for visiting the spa center, the visitor must comply with the rules for visiting the AMBER SPA aqua complex.


In addition to the general rules for visiting the spa, the visitor must comply with the rules for visiting the AMBER SPA thermal complex.


In addition to the general rules for visiting the spa center, the visitor must follow the rules for visiting the AMBER SPA solarium


11.1. The fact of paying for a ticket or purchasing a subscription for visiting the aqua and thermal complex, training in the fitness studio, tanning in the solarium, or any other service provided by the spa means that the visitor to the spa is familiar with these Rules.

11.2. The Spa Administration is not responsible for the safety of valuables, money, jewelry and documents left in the wardrobe, dressing gowns and individual lockers in the dressing room, unless such valuables have been transferred to the Spa Administration for storage in a safe. located at the spa reception.

11.3. In the event of emergencies caused by circumstances for which the spa is not responsible, as well as situations caused by the actions of utilities to carry out seasonal, preventive and emergency work, if these situations impede the quality provision of services, the Administration of the spa has the right to unilaterally suspend the provision of services until the specified circumstances (situations) cease to exist.

11.4. If the actions of the visitor have caused property damage to KAISERHOF LLC, the company has the right to demand compensation for the damage. On the fact of damage, an act is drawn up, which is signed by a commission consisting of employees of KAISERHOF LLC and the visitor who caused the damage. The act indicates the amount of damage, according to the price list of the property or according to the market value of work to eliminate the damage caused. If the visitor refuses to sign the act, an appropriate entry is made in it in the presence of at least two witnesses.

In the event that damage is caused by minors under the age of 18, compensation for damage is made in the manner prescribed by the current legislation, by its legal representatives.

Dear visitors, we ask you to follow these Rules, and your emotions from the rest will only be positive!