In addition to the general rules for visiting the spa center, the visitor must comply with the established rules for visiting the thermal complex:

  1. Visitors to the AMBER SPA thermal complex can only be persons who have reached the age of 14.

Visitors between the ages of 14 and 18 can visit the AMBER SPA only when accompanied by an adult (who has reached the age of 18), who assumes responsibility for complying with all the rules set forth and for the safe stay of the minor whom he accompanies.

The spa administrator may ask the visitor to present an identity document to identify the visitor's age.

2. To visit the thermal complex, you must have appropriate clothing: swimming trunks, swimming shorts, swimwear (for women) and rubber slippers (slates, crocs). Long hair should be tied in a bun. It is recommended to remove jewelry when visiting baths in order to avoid burns.

3. It is forbidden to be in the bathhouse without swimming trunks, a bathing suit or the top of a bathing suit (for women).

4. When visiting the thermal complex, it is necessary to comply with sanitary and hygienic requirements and take a thorough shower before visiting the spa for 3-5 minutes. After visiting the bath, you must also use the shower before using the pool bowl and jacuzzi.

5. When visiting the thermal complex, it is prohibited to use creams, strong perfumery aromas, masks, scrubs, hair dyes.

6. For personal hygiene, use towels and lay them on the bench in the sanarium and Finnish baths, in the hammam, herbal and salt baths and Roman baths, use a surface cleaning hose.

After use, towels must be removed from the bathhouse.

7. While in the sanarium and the Finnish sauna, avoid touching the surface of the stove / stove; in the hammam and herbal-salt sauna, avoid touching the steam generator - this can cause severe burns. , on the territory of the thermal complex and changing rooms.

8. A visit to the thermal complex in a state of alcoholic, drug intoxication, as well as with the presence of a residual state of alcoholic intoxication is prohibited.

9. Activities of an intimate sexual nature on the premises of the spa are prohibited.

10. Do not splash water into the stone compartment or add any fragrances that you brought with you.

11. Do not cover the heater / stove with foreign objects (towels, bathing suits, etc.), as this may cause a fire.

12. It is forbidden to touch, turn on, turn off and adjust any engineering equipment.

13. According to the Technical Regulations, the temperature in the bath cannot be changed (decreased / increased) at the request of the spa visitor. The temperature in the bath room corresponds to the required one and is indicated on the information plate located in front of the bathhouse entrance.

14. Features of the use of the thermal complex by minors (children):

14.1. The use of the territory of the thermal complex by minors is allowed only when accompanied by parents or other persons who are legal representatives of minors, who are obliged to continuously monitor the behavior of minors on the territory of the thermal complex AMBER SPA.

14.2. Responsibility for the safety and security of the health and life of minors on the territory of the thermal complex is borne exclusively by adults accompanying them.

15. Attention! Staying in a hot sauna for too long will cause an increase in blood pressure and body temperature, which can be hazardous to your health. Please assess your health before visiting the thermal complex.

In order to avoid injuries and threats to human life and health, the spa employee may remove from the area of ​​the thermal complex visitors who do not comply with the Visiting Rules.

Dear visitors, we ask you to follow these Rules, and your emotions from the rest will only be positive!